BOOM! Studios #0 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

So today was the day a lot of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans were waiting for. A brand new comic book series by BOOM! Studios. If you are familiar with the 1993 TV series then this is the comic for you. The first issue #0, picks up when Tommy was freeded from Rita Repulsa’s spell and joined the other Rangers fighting against the powers of all that is evil.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are in good hands with Higgins and Prasetya. Issue #0 finds a good balance between the 1993 TV series and a more modernized take, with new mysteries developing alongside a very familiar story. This issue was more of a teaser tariler if you will with its limited page count. The saga contiues with Issue #1 debuting in March. We will be keeping up with this series for sure.

Here are the variant covers for Issue #0. Were you able to find the Green Ranger cover and the White Ranger cover?