Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 Review


In Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 we learned a shocking secret.

Warning: this article contains full spoilers for Steve Rogers: Captain America #1!

We start out about how you’d expect, Steve Rogers once again suited up as Captain America going on missions to stop Hydra with help from fellow patriotic heroes Jack Flag and Free Spirit. The missions are being run from home base by the love of his life, Sharon Carter.

We see flashbacks of Steve as a child and his mother. A mysterious woman approaches them and offers assistance to their impoverished family. She’s seems particularly interested in Steve and suggests he join his mother to a private community meeting. The flyer for the meeting is the big giveaway, as it has the Hydra logo stamped on it.

We then come back to the present where while trying to stop Baron Zemo on a mission Steve Rogers unexpectedly threw his teammate, Jack Flag, out of a jet, before uttering the words , “Hail Hydra.”


This has sent shockwaves through fandom.

The story implies that Steve Rogers is secretly a Hydra agent, and may have been recruited as a child. What does this mean for the iconic and patriotic Avenger’s past, present, and future?

Here is what Captain America himself Chris Evans had to say….

This is a gutsy move on Marvel’s end, to allow one of their most patriotic and iconic characters to turn to the one true evil they were sworn to hate. My guess is that this is not the real Steve Rogers.

I give this debut a 9/10 only because they turned one of my most favorite characters.

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