DC Rebirth Series Review: Superman, Green Arrow, Green Lanterns and Batman


Batman rebirth review – We meet up with Bruce Wayne once again regaining control of his company and families fortune. We then jump to Batman battling the Calendar Man who is set on destroying Gotham by altering the weather and speeding up the seasons until Spring where deadly spores will be release into the atmosphere and kill everyone. Of corse Batman save the day but he knows that Calendar Man will not stop. He will keep on speeding up time to keep trying to release the deadly spores.

A young man, Duke Thomas rings the bell at Wayne Manor to speak to Mister Wayne about “The Offer” and this time he will not be training a Robin he will be trying something new! We see the new costume but we do not know his name as of yet.









Reaction: So I am recently new to reading these comics so I am jumping into this series without knowing anything before the fact. I read the DC Universe Rebirth comic that has launched this series to help me play catch up but I think I need a little bit more context before I can properly review this issue. As far as I can tell this is setting up a different Batman story than we are use to but we will have to wait and see and I can not wait.

Superman rebirth Review – Superman is dead! After giving his life to save Metropolis from the creature Domesday. But wait another Superman from another Earth has come to resurrect the fallen hero. Earth Two Superman is waiting at the memorial where the city has buried their Superman. He runs into Lana Langs who is also there but for other reasons. The Earth Two Superman has come to take Clarks body to his Fortress of Solitude to try and bring him back to life. Once they arrive they come to find out that device that they need to bring Clark back is not in this Fortress. Realizing that there is no way to bring him back to life Earth Two Superman helps Lana keep a promise and takes the body of Clark Kent home to Smallville where he is laid beside his earth parents graves.

Reaction: Again I am coming into this series only knowing a tiny bit about the back story and reading the DC Universe Rebirth comic. I think there could of been more to this first issue. We meet the Earth Two Superman in the DC Universe Rebirth comic so we could of moved a little more deeper into this story. Now realizing that the Earth One Superman is dead with no way of being able to be brought back my guess is that the Earth Two Superman must be in two worlds and once. How will he pull this off I do not know. Again the story was a little slow but I am excited to see where this leads.

Green Arrow Rebirth Review – Pore Women and children of poverty are being snatched by creatures known as the Underground Men are taken these people and putting them up for action to sell to who ever to do what ever they want with them. Oliver aka the Green Arrow finds a small boy accompanied by a women in disguise that is later revealed to us to be none other than the Black Cannery Dinah Lance. They team up to help this lost boy find his Mom and also to find the other missing women and children. They take on these underground men and shut down the auction. Afterwords Oliver and Dinah have a “formal” introduction.

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Reaction: So clearly the universe is defiantly felling the effects of the altering of the timeline. Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen are strangers. But they feel something, something familiar. This story moves along pretty well, a lot of fighting but again not a ton of information on where they are going. Canneries new look is pretty awesome and I’m glad they made Oliver shave the beard and stick with his traditional goatee.

Green Lanterns Rebirth Review – More Green Lantern Rings have been choosing more humans from earth. Normally rings are passed from one Lantern to the next or maybe the Green Lantern Corps has a feeling that something bigger is coming and it heading for Earth. We are introduced to Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz two new Lantern Corps recruits. Hal Jordan the first human to be chosen has been summoned to the end of the Universe and in his absence has no choice but to leave Earth and also make the two new members work together. So he makes them summon their Power Battery Lanterns and fusses them together. They must work together, they have one battery and they both have to be together for them to use it. With Hal leaving Earth, Earth is now targeted by Atrocitus – Father of the Red Lanterns and they have plans for Earth.

Reaction: So I have never read a Green Lantern comic until now. The only background I have is the movie with Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. So this will be short and sweat. I still do not care for the premise of the Green Lantern Corps and the rings but this story did give us more information then the others. Not knowing these characters myself I still enjoyed this comic and was able to follow the premise. I look forward to the next issue to see what plans Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns have in store for Earth.

Overall Take AWay: For just jumping into this series without reading any of the other comic series that lead up to this I was still able to follow along with the story and not completely lost. I will continue to read this series and maybe I’ll get around to reading the other series of comics as a prequel kind of order if you will.