Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ‘Pink’ Issue #1

This issue picks up when Kimberly left the Rangers. She moves away to live a normal life , but the past always catches up with you. Her Mom and step dad go missing and the town they lived in has been deserted all who remain are scared. there are creatures lurking around the town Kimberley knows this is the work of Rita and Zed. Zordon gave Kimberley an altered communicator for emergencies so she calls out to her team to find out they are off planet and can be of no assistance. But luck is always on the Rangers side she still has enough energy left to reemerge some of her Pink ranger powers to help find her parents. She tracks them to a layer where Rita and Zed’s main lacky Goldar is waiting. Refusing to do give in to Goldars demand he reveals that he has captured Kimberly’s parents and plans to turn them into those same creatures that are overrunning the town if she refuses.

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In my opinion Boom Studios has done it again. Since I heard about this series I have found myself collecting all of the variant covers and making sure I get the next issue the day it’s released. These comics are made for the fans of the 1990’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show. The stories stay true to the same storyline. It’s like they picked up right where we last saw them. Every issue I read I find myself reading the lines and hearing all the voices of the characters from the show. Every fight seen I hummed the theme song “Go Go Power Rangers”. If you are a fan of the show you must pick up both of these new series from Boom Studios. You’ll be glad you did!