Grand Theft Auto V: Game Modding

grand_theft_auto_5-1920x1080After just two weeks, the first modifications (mods) for Grand Theft Auto PC are being released onto the internet.

This is a feature that many PC players have been waiting for. The GTA modding community is known as one of the biggest in the realm of gaming, besides Skyrim’s.

While many of the mods for the game may be small, this is a great time for GTA V fans. The mods, as of now, consist of only messing with GTA’s in-games assets, but nothing of the players’ own design. This is coming, however, as PC gamers and modders always seem to find a way.

One of the basic tools a lot of the modders for GTA V use for altering the game’s content is called Script Hook, which is similar to Skyrim’s Script Extender. These tools enable the player to gain access to the game files and alter the way the game is played or how it looks.

With these new mods comes a present danger, as players within the community have been banned from GTA V Online.
11174241_10204100991424512_9025307332253079852_oBecause the mods are so new, many gamers are unsure as to what has led to the bans. Many theorize that only altering the ways the game plays, for example, getting money without earning it, or extending the view with a Field of Vision (FOV), will lead to bans within the online version of the game.

Mods that do not alter the way the game is played cosmetic mods or mods, should not get you banned online, but it is too early to know for sure.

If you plan to mess with the game other than cosmetically, Rockstar says that players will not be banned for modding the single player portion of the game, which should be a relief to some.

Some of the “rules” and guidelines are still blurry seeing as the modding as just amped up in GTA V, but one thing is for sure– more mods are coming. Stay tuned!