Can The Old Blood Compare to The New Order?




May 5th saw the release of Wolfenstein’s first “expansion”, The Old Blood. Rather than just being a small expansion, however, the new content is more of a stand-alone game in and of itself. Taking place before the events of The New Order, this new addition will surely not disappoint.

To commemorate the launch of The Old Blood, I decided to give The New Order a run through and provide my opinion of the game.

The New Order takes place primarily in an alternate 1960, where the Nazi Regime won World War 2 through advanced technological means and took over the world. As a result, the world is dark and unforgiving, but also has a somewhat devilish appeal to it because of the new technologies found in the new world.


Because of the reputation that the original Wolfenstein, Bethesda’s vision stays true to the original formula of over-the-top violence and action. The New Order knows what it is and breathes new life to the worn out genre of First Person Shooters.

While not just having fun and ridiculous gameplay, the story and characters also help give The New Order a feeling of completeness, rounding out the game as one complete package.

Bethesda has done a great job in giving us a great look into who William “BJ” Blazkowicz is and the surrounding supporting cast. Throughout the game we are introduced to many characters who interact with Blazkowicz and each and every encounter, no matter if it is with the bad guys or the people who fight by his side in the Resistance, is filled with great dialogue and banter.

The game also uses cutscenes not as filler, but as crafty and great way to show us what is happening in the world. Along with the cutscenes, the environment and different levels also help paint a picture of how bleak the world post-WW2 really is.


Many people complain that the Nazi regime is a much worn out threat, but The New Order finds many different ways to make them scary again. With several variations of troops and enemies ranging from the small but ferocious metal Kampfhunds, to the hulking and massive robotic Super Soldiers, the Nazis present themselves as very dangerous and scary advisories.

The main campaign is also fantastic, filled with a perfect balance of action, adventure, and several tense moments. Even while playing on medium difficulty the game was actually somewhat difficult, often filling me with fear and anxiety, because a lack of ammunition at some points in the game.

I really do hope some of the superb story and gameplay elements find their way into The Old Blood, because if The New World Order is this good, the newest incarnation cannot be any worse, right?