Fallout 4: What to Expect


Today, thousands of fans’ prayers were finally answered in the form of an official Fallout 4 reveal trailer.

Surprisingly, the trailer actually showed a lot more content than even some were prepared for. It was confusing as to what was being shown, however, as there was no mention of what was presented graphically.

Found in the description of the video were the words, “in game trailer,” which usually means it is made from the actual in game gameplay, but many gamers have been hurt before when it comes to advertising and what is actually given in the final product.

Memory Den

If it can be expected that what is shown in the trailer to be the final product in terms of graphics quality, then we are definitely in for a treat. The lighting and color pallet paint the world in colors we have not yet seen in the Fallout world, giving it a more vibrant and somewhat hopeful look.

The setting for Fallout 4, as found out by gamers prior to the trailer being dropped, is Boston, Massachusetts. This does not come as startling news, considering Boston as actually been alluded to and even mentioned in previous Fallout games.

What I am most curious about is whether or not Bethesda will strictly stick to their tried and true formula found in the previous installments (Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas), or will revamp and change the core of what Fallout is and make it very different.


So far, everything is pointing to the former, which is a safe choice and one that will definitely keep fans of the series very happy. However, I do seriously hope that they will give us something new and fresh in the gameplay mechanics department.

If Fallout 4 is anything like its predecessors when it comes to the actual storyline, then I will be happy and ready to explore the new environments on my journey through the “wasteland.”


It was announced prior to the trailer’s release, Bethesda is going to be having its own showcase this year at E3, so tune in to that to get the full scoop on everything Fallout 4; I know I will!

(Bethesda’s E3 Showcase is on Sunday, June 14th at 7:00pm PT)