Bethesda E3 Press Conference Coverage

Last year Bethesda absolutely killed it.  They showed off Doom, talked about a new Dishonored, a brand new mobile game and something called Fallout 4?  Can they possibly top last year?  What things will they show off this year?  Some rumors already out there include:  Remastered Skyrim which then opens the door to Skyrim mods on consoles!  Showing off Dishonored 2, a new Wolfenstein and the long shot of Elder Scrolls 6.  BUT I DON’T WORK WITH RUMORS I WORK WITH COLD HARD FACTS.


I’m going to breakdown all the awesome announcements and weed out the main points for you all, so strap in and get ready for all the amazing news from the Bethesda E3 Press conference.


Pre show is going on and I really miss Adam and Morgan.  They are the best.


Quake Legends

We start with Quake Champions trailer.  Old school Multi FPS is back!  Amazingly violent trailer.  Seems to stick close to the original games.  ID software is out and pumping it up.  20 years ago Quake was released.  Talks about Quakecon, which will bring 10,000 people to Dallas this year.  Arena Style PC game, like original but with high end performance.  120HZ unlocked frame rates. Different warriors with powers and abilities.  ID is going to support Esports play with this launch.  Going to have more info at Quakecon


Pete Hines is out next.  Talks about the past year of Bethesda, Elder Scrolls online, Fallout Shelter, FO4 and Doom.


Go into more of Elder Scrolls Legends.  We get the intro cinematic that goes into the story.  You’ll be able to play against people or AI.  Will be available on Android and IOS!

A thank you video for making Fallout 4 great.

Fallout 4

NEW DLC.  Contraptions.  Elevators, weapon racks, machines, conveyor belts!  OUT NEXT WEEK!

Vault Tec- Build your own vault!!  HOLY MOLEY, experiment on your dwellers!  July!


50 million people have downloaded fallout shelter.  New locations, new enemies, new combat system and characters.  Also available on PC July!


HOLY SHIT REMASTERED SKYRIM IS REAL!!  FUS RU DAH!   Remaster art and effects.  It looks beautiful.  MODS ON CONSOLES CONFIRMED!!  10-28-16!


Arkane Studios is out and we’re talking about Dishonored 2.  Talking about immersion.  So happy with the firsts launch and reviews. NEVERMIND. Talking about a new game!  This fool swerved us!


Trailer: 2032 siri gives the breakdown of your day.  Beautiful landscape.  Goes to next day, your eyes in the mirror keep getting redder and you seem to be losing it.  Next day you’re in a lab being chased, or are you?  Smoke monsters chasing you.  Wake back up in space, look in a mirror and you’re talking to yourself.  This game looks insane.  IT’S PREY!  IT’S A NEW PREY GAME!!


You’re a subject of an experiment, and an alien is hunting you on a space station.  Have to use wits, weapons and mind bending abilities.  Next year release on big systems with more shows at Quake con.



Talking Doom again.  What a violent amazing game.  Going over Map Snap and how many maps have been created.  New Themes and objects going to be updated, for free for everyone.  3 new modes coming out FOR EVERYBODY next month.  New premium DLC next month as well with all new content.

ID talking about Shareware (demos) anybody that hasn’t checked out doom will be able to for free starting tonight on steam, xbox and ps4.  This week only you can play the first level for free!  FOR FREE PEOPLE

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online is out now.  One year ago online came out and its been going great.  Best MMOG of the year with over 7 mil users.  34 billion monsters killed, 13 billion quests 3 billion in bounties 317 billion mud crabs killed.  Elder Scrolls online will be released in Japan this year.  Dark Brotherhood quests are coming to Online.  We get the premiere of the trailer.  Talking to dark mother, tons of sneaking and killing.  Dark Brotherhood is so cool. You are an initiate trying to join the brotherhood. You’re shown killing kings and guards.  One Tamriel, can party with anybody, no more level content barriers.  You can go wherever you want.  Take a huge low level party to a high level area and kick ass.

Bethesda VR

Talking about what’s happening after the show.  People at the show will get to party, play games and see a blink 182 concert. Also get to try BETHESDA VR!!

Bethesda vr has been worked on since 2013.  Doom on VR and FALLOUT 4 IN VR.  I’ve never wished to be in LA as much as today.  2017 FO4 will be released on HTV VIVE.  Wow. Wow wow wow!

Dishonored 2

Talking about Dishonored 2 now, unless they are swerving me again.  Steampunk city with multiple pathways and approaches to take care of bidness.  Original won over 100 GOTY awards.  We get to see the game.


Starts in an office with people smoking and typing.  Seems to be typing on a decoded typewriter.  World looks amazing.  The guards really look crazy, have a GOON type feel to them.  World is on an island this time around, Karnaca.  Bright and eclectic.  A lot of different characters and designs.  A painting in motion has been created.  Showing off a rail car system.  Void engine has been created for this game.  NPCs have history, Buildings have history and stories,.  Flood lines, peeling posters, dust or lack thereof.  Water looks beautiful.  No game play is shown, but what they’ve shown looks beautiful.


You can play as Corvo or Emily (from the first game) at the age 25.  Now we get gameplay.  It still looks beautiful.  NPCs look great and background is very immersive.  Other worldly takes over the throne, Emily and corvo are both fully voiced.  You flee and travel to Karnaca to figure out what conspiracy is going on.  Again numerous pathways.  Dust district has two rival gangs.  Howlers and overseers.  The engine is amazing.  The atmosphere is very very immersive.  IT looks amazing. Feels like you can see past the horizon.  Have to get past security.  Climbing up buildings to explore roof tops, and killing a lone guard.  Another guard comes up and you sneak up behind him and take him out hard.  A storm hits and takes down visibility for the guards.  Turn off a windmill (which powers most of the island) ump off the roof and take out a guard, use powers to toss a bomb. Sneaking through you use mesmerize power that confuses and distracts two guards and a dog!  They won’t even remember seeing you.  Use powers to toss and bring a guard to you, killing him in midair.  Stealth or combat, lethal or non-lethal.  Get to the main overseers office, who is giving a speech.  Use domino power to link multiple overseers, and teleport to above. One overseer gets shocked by a mine and domino shocks other two.  Shadow walk is another power, useful for stealth and combat.


Now going to see a crack in the slab mission.  You can use timepiece on wrist to see the manor when it wasn’t destroyed.  Move into the past with the piece and now you’re in the past killing guards.  Can see guards with wrist piece and move back and forth between now and past.


Dishonored 2 comes out 11-11-16


New gameplay trailer.  Shows a few new things, but mostly what we just saw.  A lot of stabbings.  Set to what I think is a Fleetwood mac song.  BUT EMO STYLE.

Dishonored 2 collector’s edition.  Corvos mask and Emily’s ring.  Limited edition just like pip boy.


All in all a really good showing.  Dishonored was really the main focus but it was the side news that was the highlight for me.  Remastered Skyrim with console mods, Fallout 4 DLC until August and a new Prey.  Bethesda is going to have a great year.  They haven’t lost sight that we gamers have made them successful, and repeatedly said thanks.  With mobile games, FPS, and MMOs Bethesda has something that everybody can be excited about.