Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference



Microsoft E3 Press Conference

With all the the leaks that Microsoft had to deal with before there announcements were made. They went out and put on a show for the fans starting out with there first announcement. The new Xbox One S a new slim model of the Xbox One and from what it sound like is the smallest Xbox to be made. Releasing the August and coming in at a $299 price point it has something going for it with the news that it has 4K video support and HDR capabilities. Like I said the leak did not ruin anything about the announcement along with the news of a new smaller version of the Xbox there was more. Phil Spencer (head of Xbox) came back on stage at the end of the press conference to give even more bigger news for the future. Though we have heard about it already they made there first announcements about their Project Scorpio console. A even bigger, faster and stronger Xbox with true 4K HD graphics and will be a VR ready xbox out of the box. They also dropped a “Holiday 2017” tag on there so well be on the look out for that. Before the end of the showcase the point was made by Phil Spencer that “No console will be left behind.” saying that everything from games to accessories will be made for all 3 of there consoles. That is not all that was said tho the big news of a new up and coming consoles was great but there was so much gaming news.

Blood, gore and mayhem the Gears of War 4 demo had all of that and more. From beginning to end there was blood and guts and more ways to have fun with friends. With the news that you could play co-op with your friends and play a new “Horde” mode also. Keeping with there trend of making custom controllers themed to there games they showed off the new Xbox One Elite Gears of War controller that looked fantastic. Also a bit of news for Killer Instinct was that they will be adding General Raam the reptilian soldier from Gears of War. Going from blood and gore to beautiful landscapes and perfect car models the Forza 3 Horizon trailer was shown. I cannot say how beautiful this looked and I know that all Forza games always look amazing but man this one was really fun to watch. The largest and most diverse open world that has been made for a Forza game along with the largest roster of vehicles from super cars to trophy trucks there was everything. The joining for co-op looked seamless going from one screen to the next it looks like you just drive right into your friends world.

After these two huge titles were dropped we went to a little bit less known game called Recore made from the same people that made one of my favorite game Metroid Prime, and I will say I didn’t know too much about this one but it looks fantastic. What I took away most is the girl has amazing robot friends that are going to be helping you on your adventures and she has an adorable robo dog. A fun looking story game that i cannot wait to give a shot. Speaking of lesser known games the makers of Limbo showed a eerie trailer for their new game “Inside” which will be one Xbox One June 29th. Thought we don’t see much in the trailer it looks like it will be a great experience. Microsoft also showed a lot of the independent developer games that will be being released on Xbox such as games like Cuphead, Stardew Valley, Slime Rancher, The Culling and many many more. Xbox looks like they are really getting behind the small developer community. A game named We Happy Few also made an appearance and though we have seen bits and pieces of this games we hadn’t seen a full trailer like we did at at E3 today. What it looks like is a creep survival game set in an alternate 1960’s reality. With a beautiful art style the trailer started off making you wonder what was going on and then threw you into the maddening what looks like a drug addicted world the We Happy Few is. This one stole the show for me for being such a simple looking game it looks like its going to be a good one.

Some smaller announcements for bigger companies were games like EA’s Battlefield 1 will be given to to EA access members on October 13th instead of on the original release date October 21st. Projekt Red was there to announce that they are making a Gwent card game. A closed beta will be starting in September of this year for that. Ban-dai Namco was there to show off a Tekken 7 Trailer that featured Akuma from Street Fighter. Also some more fun news for all the Tekken fans is that they are adding a
new story mode to Tekken 7 which is schedule for a early 2017 release. Another very fun looking game was Sea Of Thieves and though we have seen some of this game before it still looks amazing. Unfortunately there was no release date but they did show off a bit of gameplay. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to set sail and become a pirate going from you island hope to epic ship battles on the open sea it looks amazing.

Its not a Microsoft press conference without Minecraft news and there was a fair amount. Their biggest announcement by far was that you can now play Minecraft with all your friends from iOS, Android and Windows 10. The update is going to be called the “Friendly” update also some more news was that the Windows edition of the blockbuster game will be getting textures packs and Add ons coming this fall. Add ons will let you customize more of the game such as villagers, monsters and animals into the kinds of characters not previously in the game. Though they did say that even more news will be coming at Minecon this September.

Getting into some of the more well known and most waited for games Final Fantasy 15 and Scalebound. I might get flak for tying these together but they were by far the most beautiful demos showed off and each showed off huge scale battles that took my breath away as I watch the fights rage on. Sadly since Scalebound isn’t being released till 2017 we still are gonna have to wait a bit to see this one fully, But the good news is Final Fantasy will be out a little later this year with its September 30th release date. Also releasing in 2017 with be the return of State of Decay though we didn’t see too much other that a small trailer it looks much like the first game which isn’t a bad thing. Towards the end of the show was the long awaited trailers for Dead Rising 4 and Halo Wars 2. Dead Rising 4 looks like an amazing blood both that never gets old. Im sure that anyone who is a Dead Rising fan cannot wait for this one and you won’t have to wait long since its coming “Holiday 2016”. Then there is Halo Wars 2 theres still a bit of time to kill for this one since it releases on February 21st 2017 but the good news is you can try it out NOW with the beta start on June 13th and ending on June 20th. With The largest battlefields seen in a Halo Wars game get ready for all out war.

The last few things i’ll say is that there are a few new update that Xbox will be getting such as the Xbox play anywhere. Which will allow you to play games such as Gears of War on your Windows 10 pc. Any game that supports this feature will be able to do this. Another few small things the mentioned were they are going to be adding background music so you can listen to your music while you play your games. Along with the addition of Cortana to help you with your voice commands. Three more of the “most requested” additions will be “Xbox Clubs” where you can categorize your friend a “looking for group” program which is a way of finding people to help you do certain things you need done in certain games. Las but not least there is the “Xbox Arena” a new simpler way for you to be a part of a competitive tournament from your living room. All of these additions look to make Xbox a more fun console experience.

What was your favorite news from Microsofts conference? What games are you most looking forward to? Let us know!