RPG Currency from Rare Elements Foundry

Rare Elements Foundry

For all the RPGers out there, if you haven’t found the right fantasy currency for your games, then you need to check out Rare Elements Foundry!

The Geek Table wrapped up its visit to the Cincinnati Comic Expo (Sept 19-21, 2014) last weekend, and amid the plethora of graphic artists, collectors, actors and all, a little booth stood out that brought beautiful artwork to life on coins and medallions alike.

Cincinnati-based company, Rare Elements Foundry, has kept to the tradition of true coinage craftsmanship with their beautiful designs and genuine currency materials that are used in everyday currency.

This newest addition to RPG community got its start in part to the online Fundly.com, and they have begun to flourish in the world of geekness and gaming.

At the helm is Miya, head geek, founder and CEO of Rare Elements Foundry. Along with her friend, Kari, they create the beautiful artwork used for the coins and medallions found at Rareelementsfoundry.com. Miya, a long-time RPGer, always thought there was a something missing from RPGs, so she wanted to create an enhancement to the gaming experience, which is why she and Kari created these amazing coins to bring a sense of “feeling” to the gaming process. From their designs, the Osborne Coinage Company (Cincinnati, Ohio USA), which started minting US currency back in 1835, brings their beautiful artwork to life in 3-dimensional coins and medallions, using the same materials found in every day currency.

Now to the coins – There are two divisions to the coins and medallions, Elemental and Alignment.

There are seven (7) Elemental Coins, each with its own denomination, and they are:
Smoke (Behemoth) – 500
Fire (Dragon) – 100
Water (Naga) – 50
Earth (Manticore) – 20
Air (Harpy) – 10
Magic (Lich) – 5
Time (Elemental Planes) – 1


There are nine (9) Alignment coins, each with its own denominations, and they are:
Lawful Neutral (Half Dragon) – 500
Lawful Good (Ki-Rin) – 100
Chaotic Neutral (Satyr) – 50
Chaotic Evil (Gnoll) – 20
Lawful Evil (Djinn or Wraith) – 10
Neutral Good (Phoenix) – 1
Neutral Evil (Yeth Hound) – ½
Alignment Runes – ¼


The beautifully detailed coins each weigh approximately ¼ ounce (think Nickel weight) and they are very durable. They do come in different dimensions, so the higher the denomination you choose, the larger the dimension.

You can buy each coin individually or in sets, such as the Elemental Currency Set (does not include the Smoke Behemoth 500 currency coins) or the Alignment Currency Set (does not include the Lawful Neutral Half Dragon 500 currency coin, the Neutral Evil Yeth Hound ½ currency coin, or the Alignment Runes ¼ currency coins).

There is also a Fire Dragon keychain, in brilliant bright nickel silver, which you can take with you wherever you go.

All in all, Rare Elements Foundry has definitely stepped up the level of craftsmanship in today’s ever changing RPG realm.

Great job, Miya and Kari! Keep up the beautiful work! We can’t wait to see what new designs may be coming our way for future cons and expos!!

Visit http://www.rareelementsfoundry.com to view these brilliant and unique designs and to buy your own set of coins to enhance your gameplay! You can also visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/rareelements or follow them on Instagram at @rareelements and Twitter at @rareelements.

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