Today we are going to talk about spoilers. You may have a favorite TV show that you watch every week and if you miss an episode you stay off facebook, avoid any conversations that may have to do with show just so you can go and enjoy the episode as it was meant to be. But, now we have a new type of spoiler going on and it completely out of control, the movie trailers.

When I was a kid I remember going to the movie theater to watch a movie with my family and seeing the coming soon trailers, then those same trailers would appear on tv and might be a little shorter than what I saw in the theater. Now, let’s fast forward to today.  Captain America: Civil War is set to debut in just 9 days and since this film was announced the fans have been going nuts. I have lost count on how many different releases of the trailer they have made and with every new trailer comes a new spoiler.

I get it, waiting 9 months to a year for a movie to premiere is a long time and the studios want to keep the hype building throughout the waiting period. But, to show a specific characters making their big debut or another important character dying or the main character at a funeral is ruening alot of the hype for me. It’s one thing for fans to go in and film the end credit scene and share it on facebook, yes it’s still a spoiler but it’s not something the studio released in a new trailer.

You may think I’m crazy for saying this but the trailers need to stop. I can handle one or two trailers for a movie but when you release four or five and each has something in it that is setting more of the story is not what the fans need. Yes this movie may still crush the box office and may sell the most DVDs ever, but we have so little to look forward to.

We are in the middle of the remake, prequel, sequel era. So when a movie like this comes out I would like to go in not knowing what to expect. Seeing Spiderman show up out of nowhere would have been the coolest moment ever but the studio took that away from me. I will definitely still see this movie so I guess the studios are doing something right.

What are your thoughts?