2014 Cincinnati Comic Expo

Attention my fellow nerds, geeks, and fanboys alike, here is my official review on the 2014 Cincinnati Comic Expo, so here we go. The Duke Energy Convention Center was spacious and conveniently positioned in the heart of Cincinnati, just steps from hotels, bars, and sporting events. The staff and volunteers were awesome and made the event run very smooth.

Friday September 19, 2014 – Day One was great, filled with fun people, great vendors, and amazing celebrity guests. I took the first day to walk around and soak in the atmosphere, introducing myself to artists, vendors, volunteers, staff, and celebs alike. I took a lot of pictures and some video to give you all who missed this Expo an idea of the grand size of the event. While meeting some celebrities for the first time, and a few I have conversed with before, I started talking to Daniel Logan (young Boba Fett), and I have to say what an awesome guy. He is full of energy, super nice, down to earth, and probably one of the friendliest people I have met to date. He was never too busy to talk to a fan, take a photo or regale you with one of his many stories – from his experiences with the Star Wars movies, television cartoons, or his many convention appearances throughout the years. There were two other actors there that portrayed Boba Fett at The Cincinnati Comic Expo as well, but I will get to them a little later.
The evening of the first day, most the celebrities, vendors, and artists headed to The Cincinnati City Center for Oktoberfest, which was also going on that weekend as well. While there, I ran into Henry Winkler! That’s right, The Fonz!! Now let me tell you, that man has more energy than I do! I didn’t see him sit down once the whole weekend. A true professional! I said “Hi” and we dispensed with a few pleasantries… “Last time I saw you”… You get the idea. That night, I also happened upon Walter Jones (the original Black Power Ranger) and William Kircher (Bifur from The Hobbit trilogy). Both of them were very nice to everyone and generally having a good time.

Saturday, September 20, 2014 – Day Two, I spent most of my time shopping! Checking out all the vendors and their now fully stocked areas. Spending a bit more than I planned, but all great deals and some very interesting finds, such as #RareElements. The vendors were all very nice and had some awesome deals, even though it wasn’t the last day. Amidst all the shopping and autograph signing, there was the “Rebel Hunt” that the 501st Legion was carrying out, where for $5.00 you could put a bounty on a friend and one of their many AMAZINGLY costumed members would “capture” your friend and put them in a Death Star detention holding cell. 100% of the money raised from this “Rebel Hunt” went to a local charity for Autism Awareness. In addition to the prisoners from the “Rebel Hunt” in the Death Star Detention Center, you could get your picture taken with Storm Troopers, Speeders from Episode VI, and other Star Wars replicas.

Sunday, September 21, 2014 – Day Three, the saddest yet most fun day, in my humble opinion Patrons, vendors, staff, and celebrities alike, all tired, but in high spirits. I was able to chat with Jason David Frank (the Original Green-then White Power Ranger, and, in later seasons, the Red Power Ranger) and he actually took my GoPro from me and started goofing around with Lou Ferrigno, The Hulk, himself. I’m lucky Mr. Ferrigno wasn’t in a “Hulk Smash” kind of mood! I mentioned earlier that I met two of the other actors that also played Boba Fett: Dickey Beer and John Morton; both of these men were nothing if not awesome to talk to. They gave a shout out to www.thegeektable.com and shared stories with The Geek Table and me about what they have done and what their current projects are. We will soon have John, Daniel, and Dickey on the site with an interview or possibly a pod cast.
There were many other celebrities there that I got to talk to including; John Rhys Davies (Indiana Jones and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy), Paul McGann (the 8th Doctor Who), Julie Newmar (the original Cat Woman), Jewel Staite (Firefly, Serenity, Stargate Atlantis), and Livvy Stubenrauch(the voice of young Anna in Disney’s Frozen). All were an absolute blast.

So there it is folks, my general overview of the 2014 Cincinnati Comic Expo. There is more to come including comic, art, book, and custom merchandise reviews as well as interviews and general goofiness. But for now READ ANOTHER ARTICLE ON THIS PAGE!

Live long, use the force, and don’t beat up Ewoks.
Kevin B “the guy in sunglasses” Cleveland