Do We Really Need Another Futuristic Call of Duty?


Two days ago, Activision and Treyarch released the first glimpse of gameplay from the newest incarnation of the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops 3.

The trailer, set to Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones, paints a dark and gritty future where technology and humanity have become one; making soldiers less than human.

While there really is not too much to go off of, it is evident that Treyarch plans to stick with the futuristic setting, which the previous three Call of Duty titles already used. This trend brings up my question, “do we really need another futuristic Call of Duty?”

Many fans of the series have grown weary with the franchise over the last few titles because they have not seen very much change in the setting. While the introduction of “new” features such as the exo-suits in Advanced Warfare were thought be a great improvement of the franchise, they turned out to be nothing more than a dud.


There have been quite a few criticisms as to where the series is at and where it is going. It is clear that fans want to return to the past. There had been petitions from several fans to see a return, and possibly a World at War sequel. They were sorely disappointed when Black Ops 3 was revealed.

With the financial success that came with Black Ops 2, I can see the thought process of the developers in which going in the futuristic direction would have been the smart business plan. They should realize, though, the need to move on to another time period, especially given the falling sale numbers of Ghosts. The need for change was even further emphasized as it was later found that Advanced Warfare was the lowest selling game in the franchise. They evidently did not take the hint, as we are seeing the return to the future setting.

Only time will tell what the fate of Black Ops 3, and the backdrop of the future, will be.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is set to release on November 6, 2015.