Nintendo and Universal to Join Forces

It has been reported by numerous news outlets today that Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts will be bringing some of our beloved video game characters to life at Universal’s Theme Parks in Florida, California, Singapore, and of course, Japan.

This also happens to coincide with Nintendo’s release of 1st quarter numbers which show a net gain for the company for the first time in 4 years; not to mention the March 2015 press release in which Nintendo announced they will begin creating games for Android and iOS operating systems.

October 2015 will celebrate 30 years since the release of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in North America and one of the most-beloved games of our childhood, Super Mario Bros.

Since that time, we have seen many incarnations of Nintendo software, including the Game Boy, N64, Cube, Wii and Wii U. Now it seems like we will be able to play right along side our favorite characters and villains, once Universal and Nintendo can break ground on this new theme area.