Far Harbor Review

Sailing its way into the Commonwealth wasteland is Fallout 4’s 3rd (and more traditional) downloadable content (dlc), Far Harbor. After the good Automatron and lackluster Wasteland Workshop, Bethesda released a much more interesting and fun adventure in “Far Harbor”. 

Boat rides, a missing person, new weapons, new armor, new enemies, and not to mention a huge map, this dlc has a little bit of everything. I will admit Far Harbor does start eerily smiliar to Fallout 3’s Point Lookout, but once you get through the opening act it turns into its own monster. After being sent on a missing persons case you arrive at the almost Silent Hill or Alan Wake-esque island shrouded in fog and mystery. It is a story that has many fun twists to it. There’s even a light break from all the action with a fun puzzle section that moves the story along, which can get a little tricky towards the end.

Every faction in Far Harbor felt like they were a characters of their own, unlike the main game’s factions who felt like hollow characters with simple black or white resolve. In Far Harbor, as soon as you make your decision, you can feel the faction’s reactions from of the decisions you have made (as if your decision had made a crucial impact on the progression of the game). The main factions of the dlc are the  Children of Atom, Synth refugees (unlike the ones from the Railroad), and the Townsfolk of Far Harbor. All of these groups give you something to question and ponder over. Are you really a human? Am I making the right decision? Who is right and who is wrong? 

With new dlc comes new loot and you will find plenty of it! From new guns, like the almost throwback Lever Action Rifle, to the new amazing Harpoon Gun (which can staple enemies to a wall). For you unarmed and melee build fans, you’ll also be getting some fun weapons! From the Pole Hook, which when upgraded is absurdly powerful to the deceiving Meat Hook for unarmed builds. There’s also new armor sets and clothing like the Coastal Armor, Trapper Armor, Marine Wetsuit, and Marine Tactical Armor. For those with a keen eye, the Trapper Armor comes from one of the many new enemies you’ll also be running into, so keep an eye out for that! 

As for the enemies, the trailer did a good job at showing you just a glimpse at some of the enemies you’ll encounter. Mainly the big baddies like the Gulpers, Anglers, and the ones that looks like a Mirelurk on steroids, the Fog Crawler. But there is also a new human enemy type Trappers which are basically cannibalistic poachers. Then there are the Far Harbors’ variant of Ghouls and lowly Vicious Wolves. Just like the base game, all of these enemies have there own types and variations. 

Now for all you settlement builders out there, you will be happy to know there are customizable settlements. I, unfortunately have not opened that can of worms yet, but I can tell you that there is a good few settlements that I cannot wait to turn into thriving towns. Not to get to much into spoiler territory, one settlement is actually unlocked by talking to your new companion. An old rugged man named Old Longfellow, a fun but not too interesting character, is pretty much a color commentator if you choose to bring him along.

After all was said and done I loved Far Harbor. Though, many people will probably draw strong comparisons to Fallout 3’s Point Lookout, I thought that Bethesda did a great job at making you think the story is predictable, but then made you take a sharp right turn. This dlc was a great welcome back after taking a little break. Wandering this new foggy wasteland was an amazing experience. It brought back my love for just walking around the map finding new place and looting the crap out of them. If you haven’t already started or still looking into Far Harbor, I implore you to pick it up and play it. Happy wandering my fellow Vault Dwellers!