Rogue One To Undergo Reshooting

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is to undergo four weeks worth of additional shooting.

The Hollywood Reporter:
Much of the cast and director Gareth Edwards will regroup in mid-June for another round of shooting. The move is happening after execs screened the film and felt it was tonally off with what a “classic” Star Wars movie should feel like. The picture has not yet been tested before audiences, but one source describes the cut as having the feel of a war movie. The goal of the reshoots will be to lighten the mood, bring some levity into the story and restore a sense of fun to the adventure.

Let me begin by saying that Reshoots are part of the filmmaking process. All of the Star Wars films have gone through some form of reshoots in the past. I personally do not have a problem with this. Yes, Gareth Edwards said back in Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim that we “wants to put the ‘Wars’ back in Star Wars”. Now it looks like the Mouse House may be pushing back a bit, but only a bit. Remember that Disney has made family friendly entertainment that pushed some boundaries with violence in their movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean”. We are here at the Geek Table are all still very excited to see “Rogue One” this December.