EA’s E3 Press Conference




EA E3 Press Conference.

This year EA (Electronic Arts) decided to do something little bit different. After withdrawing from the E3 showroom floor EA put on there own press conference. Putting on there own show went smooth for the developer juggernaut showing off the amazing arsenal that they have in the works. EA came out swinging with the first “official” trailer for Titanfall 2 which looks pretty fun. After some negative feedback to the previous Titanfall for lack of content they made it a point to listen to the community, and that they did.  Almost everything that the previous game missed out on was added six new titans all with there own individual abilities that they didn’t say to much about yet but they did say that they have added more customization. Titanfalls biggest news though was the announcement of its offline single player story. That really looks like its going to introduce you to how close these titans and there pilots really are.

What would a EA press conference be without Madden and FIFA news. Though Madden looks extremely similar to the past games they do claim that there are new mechanics for a better experience. But FIFA won the crowd over with the news of there new game mode called “The Journey”. If you have ever wanted to know the drama of becoming a soccer player well you can now. The Journey looks like they wanted to get the people that like playing career mode on Madden to try FIFA . Smashed in-between the two  game where the first looks at the new installment to the Mass Effect franchise. Mass Effect Andromeda is set in the future from the first three games so no longer will you be playing or seeing Commander Shepard. What we found out is you play as a character that is sent out on an expedition to the Andromeda galaxy to find a new home for humanity. “In this galaxy you are viewed as the alien.”  so it sound like we should be prepared for some action and for the first time a Mass Effect game will be powered by the Frost Bite engine and it looks amazing. The Stunning graphics and beautiful worlds look great and i cannot wait to dive into this one.

Taking a small turn from all of there very well known games EA decided to give some time to the little guys. Continuing there trend of helping small developers of indie games the announced a program call EA Originals. A program dedicated to helping indie devs get there experiences to a larger audience. Along with the program announcement the dropped there first game coming out on it name Fe. From a small studio named Zoink in Gothenburg Swedan. A beautiful world where you are the one exploring and finding everything the developers made it known that you are not going to be helped by the game. Its a game meant to be a personal narrative and is “A story that everything in this world is connected.”

Some of probably the most anticipated news since EA took on the responsibility of the Star Wars name. From beginning to end they made you know how much Star Wars were going to see in the gaming world. We all know that Galaxy of Heros, Old Republic and Battlefront are all available right now and they let you know again, but the biggest and best news had to be about the future. So many developers are getting in on this party Dice, Motive, Bioware, Respawn, Visceral, Capital Games and others are all going to be part of the Star Wars gaming experience. The news that  Visceral Games will be releasing a new action adventure game in 2018 and that Respawn Entertainment is exploring a 3rd person action adventure game also. From every developer we saw small little gameplay clips from Lando in cloud city which we know Battlefront will be getting on June 21st. There was also concept art and early in game images from these other up and coming games that I know me and all the other Star Wars fans out there are looking forward to.

Last but not least was EA’s biggest announcement of the day with Battlefield 1. A new trailer came out showing some of the in game images and some of the amazing gameplay. From all the new vehicles ranging fro horses all the way up to huge airships there are all kind of vehicles and the didn’t forget to put in a huge range of weapons to match. All the way down to innocent looking shovels to devastating artillery theres everything you can thing of to destroy your enemy. Speaking of destroying Dice kept with there theme of environmental destruction showing houses being blown to bits and all kind of other things being smashed and exploded. With the mass destruction it looks like you can do theres also a new thing they managed to get form there Frostbite engine was dynamic weather. A fun idea when you think about it stating that the weather will range be able to change in game and will change the way you fight on the battlefield. Trying to snipe won’t be so easy anymore when your trying to see through all of the fog and rain. With the amazing and huge battle we are all accustomed to from Dice and Battlefield i can’t wait for Battlefield 1. What was your guys favorite news from EA let us know!