Sony’s E3 Press Conference Coverage

Last year Sony seemed to be all about old is new again with Final Fantasy 7 remake, a new Shenmue and a peak at Last Guardian.  We also saw No Mans Sky and some amazing Uncharted 4 footage.  What’re we going to get this year?  They’ve already said the new system won’t be there, but could we possibly see get some release dates?  Could we see Last of Us 2?  Hopefully we are blown away and I’m sure we’ll get some VR news.  Honestly I’m hoping we get some Kingdom Hearts or Red Dead Redemption news.


We starting with a huge orchestra and chanting singers.  Jesus are we getting God of war 4?  This is truly epic.  There isn’t anything video game about this but it’s so awesome I’m ok with this.


Right into a trailer.  Child playing with action figures and is called by his father.  His dad gives him his mothers knife.  HOLY SHIT ITS KRATOS AND THEY ARE GOING HUNTING KRATOS KRATOS KRATOS.  This is being played LIVE.  Its amazing.  They are hunting a deer and they gain knowledge when they see the tracks.  Kratos is telling his dead to be calm and plan, don’t just react.  Only fire when I tell you to, now his guard is up!  Don’t be sorry be better, A+++ Fathering.  Kratos has to kill a woodland creature with his fucking axe!  So amazing!  Telling his son he is not ready to fight.  HUGE CREATURE pops out and Kratos tosses his son the bow.  They are now fighting the giant creature.  This is an amazing fight.  The son keeps shooting it with arrows that spark like lightning.  Kratos will bring down the monster and the son will kill it.  Punching the ever living hell out of the creatures head.  THE SON SHOOTS HIS FUCKING DAD IN THE SHOULDER SO KRATOS HAS TO CUT THE CREATURES HEAD OFF.  The son is so sorry but Kratos wants that deer.  This game is gorgeous.  Environments are rich and deep.  Kratos gives the son his bow and is teaching him to kill the deer.  You are aiming and you take your shot.  More Knowledge gained.  The son must kill the deer, it’s his first kill.  He can’t do it.  Kratos takes the sons hands and helps plunge the knife into the deers throat.  The son is depressed.  Kratos goes to touch his sons shoulder but doesn’t.  The son is ready, for what?  A new beginning.  WE SEE A DRAGON FLYING IN THE BACKGROUND.  It comes swooping over you as we go to the words GOD OF WAR


Here we go.  First speaker is out.  Talks about Orlando and how horrific it was.  We need greater love and tolerance.  The whole Sony community stands with Orlando.  And also stands with the LGBT community.  That takes a lot of balls to say and do in any business.  A+ Sony.  They hope to dazzle us with what they are going to show us.  Mission Accomplished already sir.

Off to see what’s coming out for PS4.


Trailer opens up to a forest.  And being asked if I remember how it started.  When the wilderness become our only hope for survival.  This looks either like Walking Dead or Last of Us.  What is this?!  Looks like it focuses on two brothers that ride motor cycles.  He’s a merc.  It’s a new idea!  Day Gone!  Has a zombie apocalypse to it.


Open next trailer to a huge mountain with buildings and bridges all around.  Last Guardian has another trailer.  Looks so cute and amazing!  Giant creatures!  October 25th 2016!!! We have a release date!


Next trailer!  They are hitting us hard and fast.  This is a rehash of last year.  Looks like a prehistoric times with mechanical creatures.  We actually are getting gameplay footage now.  Rouge machines are in the distance, but the main character has to cross anyway.  She has powers and is finding weaknesses of these creatures.  Blows one up and has to fight it.  Using a sling shot type weapon you loot the body and keep running.  Stop and create explosive traps on the fly.  Corrupt machine is chasing a guy as you draw your bow and take him the machine out.  You get multiple question answer choices.  Change the way the conversation goes.  You send the dude on his way and you are now heading down the road more.  They show the map and it looks HUGE.  You’re trying to override a broad head machine, it’s basically like a giant steer so you can ride it and move faster.  You do it and now you’re riding him down the road.  There are giant brachiosaurus type machines that you run past.  The environment looks amazing.  You get off your broadhead and there is a giant creature roaming the town.  You scan it, it’s weak to fire so you start pelting it with fire arrows.  The battle is fast and you have to evade a lot, not your typical shot shoot shot shoot type boss.  You call your broadhead and now you’re fighting from the back of it.  Amazing.  It was so fluid.  The creature jumps and takes out your broadhead and now you’re on foot again.  You use an arrow and are using cables to attach this creature to the ground, no more jumping sucka.  You hit him with a few more fire arrows and his guy is down.  Looks amazing.  Fresh ideas are awesome.


Another trailer.  Girl has been kidnapped in Detroit.  We are following a negotiator who is an android.  The mother is upset that it’s an android and not a person.  The kidnapper is an android.  The kidnapper doesn’t want to be a slave, is a droid.  HOLY SHIT THE KIDNAPPER JUMPS AND KILLS ITSELF AND THE KID.  This looks like a hardcore detective game.  You get to make different choices.  Almost feels like Heavy rain with the choices.




You wake up to a phone ringing and youre on the ground.  This looks like a horror game.  A voice on the phone says “if you don’t get out of there they will kill you, get out now”.  You’re scanning the room and there’s armless mannequins all around.  You walk down some stairs and the whole house is abandoned.  Dark and dirty, (this feels more like Detroit to me than the last game). You walk into the kitchen and its roach infested, you open a pot and it’s full of shit and bugs.  You hear heavy footsteps and see a figure walk by.  You walk and open a door where there is a static tv and a vhs tape.  You pick up the tape and put it in the vcr.  It seems to be footage of the house, somebody investigating the house, dead bodies, chanting.  Goes into a music video type sequence with a lot of horrific images.  Resident Evil VII!!!! HOLY SHIT JAN 24 2017!!! WOW WOWWOWOWOWOW.  You’ll be able to play the whole game in PlayStation VR.


October 13th $399 PlayStation VR will be released!  50 games will be out at launch and to the end of the year.  Current titles and new titles made for PS VR.  We’re going into some PS VR exclusive videos now.


First Trailer.  Looks like the surface of mars.  It’s an unknown environment, atmosphere and location.  There’s a drone that’s flying around and scans the area.  It’s blowing up ships and now you’re fighting a giant crab creature.  Looks crazy.



Next Trailer.  HOLY SHIT ITS STAR WARS HOLY SHIT. You’re in an x-wing.


A BATMAN GAME?!  That’s the joker you can’t fool me.  Mark Hamill joker is talking to batman about why he wears the mask. Coming October!


Final Fantasy XV Trailer!  Looks like a lot of Chocobo racing!  9. 30 16 its first person FF less turn based and more shooting style.  You’re transporting back and forth and shooting the hell out of a monster.


Next trailer is showing images of earth and the moon.  Alien ship comes up and now you’re on the ship and walking through a hallway.  You’re the captain now.  THERE’S MECHS WALKING AROUND.  You jump into a rig and are being ejected. You’re flying around space and have dog fights with alien ships.  You jump out of your ship and are running through space on top of a larger ship shooting and covering.  Floating in zero G.  Breach the bridge of the ship and the people inside go flying into space.   These graphics are what I want in VR not the shit Ubisoft showed.  11.4.16


New trailer.  Dude in a ghillie suit takes out a rando.  A Lot of gun fighting and helicopters and planes flying but nothing that stands out.  OH it’s COD Modern Warfare as well!  They are banking hard on VR man wow.


WTF CRASH BANDICOOT!!!! Crash is back!!! We’re getting Remastered games!  He will also be a part of Skylanders in Oct!  You also will be able to create your own skylander person in game!



The Lego games are so fun.  This is going to be amazing.  I really hope we get some cantina music.   I know it’s not in force awakens but I want it.  The trailer is close to the movie trailer with the awesome Lego touch to it.  Stormtroopers wearing 3d glasses to watch a world explode.  Xwing battles!  Demo Available NOW!!!!!!


The live music Sony has is awesome, it really adds class to the show.


Saying this E3 has the strongest line of games.  Holy shit.  Hideo Kojima!!  SHIT IS ABOUT TO PICK UP!!!   People are chanting his name.  This guy is a god among men.


This trailer is running in real time.

Opens with a William Blake quote.  On a beach with a lot of dead crabs, black sand.  Hand prints start appearing in the sand.  Oh shit a baby and a naked dude.  Connected by a tether.  NORMAN FUCKING REEDUS.  Crying and holding the baby.  Baby hand prints start appearing on his legs and leading him somewhere.  He has a huge scar on his stomach.  Almost like a C section was performed.  There’s 5 people floating in the horizon.  And Norman is staring at them.  They disappear.  NORMAN REEDUS IN DEATH STRANDING!! Holy shit guys this is huge.  HUGE HUGE HUGE.



New Insomniac game.  Spider man?!  YES SPIDER MAN!!  We are web slinging through New York, through buildings windows and out the other side.  Looks like an open world spidey game!  WOW!!


We are getting a live demo of Days Gone!  Let’s see this!!

Seems open world as you jump on your bike and drive down a hillside.  Looks like an abandoned camp. You’re looking for somebody called 2dog.  You reach into a crate as wolves run past the door.  The actually run from you.  You’re looting shit from crates and you take an air filter from a truck to create a silencer.  SHIT THERE IS A CREATURE EATING A DOG. You hear your friend screaming in the background and find him.  You draw your gun on him and the creature jumps on you.  It looks like a baby zombie.  You jump to the roof and look over the edge and there are a shit ton of zombies.  2 dog tackles you and you guys fall off the roof.  He’s screaming in pain and that attracts the zombies.  You’re running away and draw an auto.  A train car is just busting with zombies.  They are trying to kick in the door as you duck into a building.  They are fast zombies, which I’m no fan of but it looks crazy.  They chase you upstairs and you head up one more.  There are surrounding you and you’re trying to find a way out.   Out the window you’re still shooting them.  They just. Keep. Coming.  You get to the highest point on the roof and they are just all over you.  Down a small bridge and killing more and more of them.  Wow you might have killed them all.  But you have stranded yourself and they are coming.  END OF THE DEMO


That’s the end.  Seems a little abrupt ending, I personally would have went out with Death Stranded.  We get a little video of some game footage from all sorts of games, into vr games.  Wow.


That conference was shorter than Ubisofts and I feel like we got a lot.  But let’s really look.  We didn’t get too many release dates.  We did get a lot of NEW properties and a lot of VR news.  There wasn’t a lot of talking which is nice and a lot of trailers.  Also NEW SPIDERMAN GAME?!  No Red Dead or Kingdom Hearts news though.  Still, a great showing.