The New Shadow of The Colossus HD Trailer Dropped At E3… And We Couldn’t Be More Pumped!

Remember those days where gaming simply meant rescuing the princess? or winning that race? or even solving the puzzle and finishing the dungeon? Now, imagine doing all of the above. That is Shadow of the Colossus, a game released on the PlayStation 2 system in 2005 following it’s predecessor Ico. the game features a wide landscape to venture out and explore, beautiful sights to behold.. Oh, and 16 enormous god-like beasts that will try and make you into a stain in the beautifully textured grass known simply as Colossus.

Recently, the game was remastered in HD for the PlayStation 3 system in 2011, and was featured in a dual pack for Ico and SOTC. Players could also immerse themselves in 3D should they posses the proper TV setup (or bought into the gimmick) Veterans of the game as well as newcomers were blessed to see the amazing titanic terrors once again, proving just as difficult as it was 6 years prior.

Flash-forward to 2017, the E3 expo for Sony had begun, featuring trailers for a multitude of amazing spectacles to behold, then the screen goes dark… the sound of howling winds along with the video of a blizzard starts on the screen, you’re greeted by the familiar fuzzy faced psychopathic behemoths in an even greater upscale, promising a better than ever showcase for devoted fans new and old. Although like all Sony’s trailers, the captions all read the same..

“all gameplay footage shown on PS4 Pro”

Now, one could argue this is a repeat of the past, and taking advantage of yet ANOTHER consumer gimmick for televisions. But all in all, I’m just glad that the developers haven’t forgotten about this gem of a game. Perhaps they’re planning on releasing a triple pack to include The Last Guardian?

the E3 trailer for Shadow of the Colossus HD is below