Wizard World Columbus 2017

First and foremost, this was a remarkable convention. I went to this con with Riptide_2795 to check out the sights and meet the celebrities. What we were met with was nothing short of amazing. The vendor hall opened up with a stage occupied by a band playing Black Sabbath’s Iron man, it was like walking into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but where that was whimsical awe, this was blood pumping adrenaline. Comic books far as the eye can see, Gaming corners for casuals and hardcore gamers, VR booths, even a Maid Cafe as the anime corner. Though we only were able to go for one day we definitely made the most of it. Cosplaying as the 10th and 13th doctor, we saw newcomers as fans to the Doctor who fandom as well as long time veterans. From Rick Sanchez to Iron man, Scorpion to Meg from family guy, cosplayers were abundant! One cosplayer was doing Rick from Rick and Morty, couldn’t be more than 14 or 15, he complimented my Doctor, I in turn complemented his Rick, but in the classic Rick Sanchez voice. I’m almost certain I made his entire weekend, he mistook me for the actual voice actor.

Cosplayers aside, we met David Tennant and Catherine Tate, two of the actors from doctor who which we wanted to meet the most! The elephant in the room, it took nearly 4-5 hours to actually get a photo with David, which was 110% worth it! my only regret is we couldn’t get an autograph, as they were restricted to presales only, which they sold out almost immediately. We walked in, got our picture, he complimented our costumes which made our days perfected, Riptide in tears if joy, me trembling with excitement from meeting another one of my heroes, we go about our day and move on to meet Catherine Tate, A.K.A. Donna Noble. We got her picture, she was incredibly sweet and kind, after the picture we went to the autograph booth and got it signed.

In closing, we’d definitely love to do Wizard World again, hopefully next time for the weekend! As we move closer to the Cincinnati Comic Expo, we gear up our cosplays and ready our bank accounts for the utter pounding that always ensues with conventions.

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