Mad Max Lives Up To The Hype



Roaring out from the weekend with mesmerizing action and amazing cinematography, Mad Max: Fury Road is a thrilling and non-stop joyride.

The world of Mad Max is a very interesting one. Having no prior knowledge of the Mad Max series before seeing Fury Road, I very much enjoyed the feeling the movie gave me right from the start.

Mad Max: Fury Road, is directed by George Miller, who headed the two original movies. While Miller does stay true to his original “formula” for Mad Max, he incorporates new elements and even bigger and more over-the-top action sequences.


The stretching deserts, the raging storms, all of the costumes and makeup added to the rich environment that housed Fury Road. It felt as though each shot was hand crafted and shot frame by frame, paying close attention to detail and giving the films a real extravagantly dirty feel.

As bizarre and crazy as it is, however, Fury Road was really made in good taste. Many scenes had the potential to get taken out of hand in terms of violence, gore or even mature content, but all of it was levelheaded and actually made the film even better and bearable to watch.

One of the interesting things I noticed throughout the film was the sparse use dialogue. This was definitely not a bad thing, but made the plot somewhat hard to follow at times, while focusing the attention on the action filling the screen. Sometimes, lack of dialogue brings out the best in movies, and this was definitely one of those instances. It also helped strengthen the non-verbal actions done by the characters, showing that actions are more important than words.


In recent years, a majority of films seem to focus themselves to the front runner, totally dismissing the supporting cast. Mad Max: Fury Road set itself apart, definitely making each one of the supporting actors feel like a main character. Each actor brought their own flavor to the movie, actually making them feel like they could be running the show.

With Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron being included in the movie, I thought for sure that one of them would steal the spotlight, but this simply was not the case. Both character were definitely interesting and well-acted, but did not overshadow the others by any means.

To the actors’ credit, it seemed to me like they were serving the movie and making the movie great, not the other way around, like so many films seem to show.


Another great aspect that I picked up on was the diversity of the cast and the emphasis on the female characters in Fury Road. The females gave the movie life and while she did not steal the show, Theron definitely spearheaded the female cast.

Overall, Mad Max: Fury Road is a great ride with a superb cast, interesting plot, and mind blowing cinematography. It is hard not to wonder what movies have in store for us, now that George Miller and his Fury Road have set the bar for what a fantastic movie should look like.